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Frequently asked questions & answers

Q: Is this product just for men with fertility problems?

A: Male Fertility Plus does help men with fertility problems such as low sperm count and low sperm motility. However, it definitely has benefits for any man who wishes to increase his volume of ejaculate and intensity power of orgasms.

Q: Why does greater volume translate to better orgasms?

A: By increasing the amount of sperm you produce, your sexual organs must contract harder and for a longer period of time, resulting in orgasms that are four to five times longer and stronger than before!

Q: What other benefits are there?

A: In addition to increased volume of sperm and semen, increased fertility, plus the significantly stronger and more satisfying orgasms, you can also expect an overall improvement in sexual well-being and function, plus an increase in confidence and increased sexual desire. Many men also gain harder erections with continued use of Male Fertility Plus.

Q: Why not just get Viagra?

A: A number of reasons: Viagra does not address the issue of volume of ejaculate. Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug, which carries with it inherent side effects and risks, while Male Fertility Plus is 100% natural, free of side effects, and is not a drug. Viagra is also quite expensive, and requires a doctor's prescription. Male Fertility Plus can be obtained easily and affordable.

Q: What is in Male Fertility Plus?

A: The capsules contain all-natural herbal and vitamin ingredients and amino acids (listed above) formulated by Herbal Health Team.

Q: How much Male Fertility Plus should I purchase?

A: Most first time customers buy the 2 or 4 month course and top up if needed.

Q: How fast will Male Fertility Plus start to work?

A: You will notice results right away! Male Fertility Plus works within just a few days.

Q: Is Male Fertility Plus appropriate for a man with a vasectomy?

A: Yes! The volume of ejaculate will increase and the orgasmic benefits, therefore, will be there, too. Your fertility will not increase, obviously, but your power to deliver a larger load will.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: No, we have never had any reports of any side effects in the last 9 years of selling this product, all ingredients are 100% safe, we only use herbal and vitamin products plus all products are made in a sterile environment, health always comes first in this business and we aim to give all our customers complete satisfaction.

Q: Do you send Worldwide?

A. Yes, Male Fertility Plus is sent worldwide daily to all the countries listed further down on this page, we use customs labels and this product is marked as "Herbal Vitamin Products".

Q: How much is postage to my country?

A: Postage and packaging is now FREE to all countries, your order will be sent United Kingdom Royal Mail international tracked, your order will be sent within 1 working day of the sale and the tracking number will be added to your Paypal payment as soon as your parcel is sent. You can track your parcel at https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item. Postage will take between 1 - 5 working days to the United Kingdom and 3 - 21 days worldwide although most arrive within the first 10 days.

Q: Are the pills sent discreetly?

A: Yes, all our products are sent in discreet plain padded packaging, nobody will know the contents of your parcel, the bottles are tightly packed and the capsules fill the bottles causing minimal movement.

Q: Are the pills sent discreetly?

A: Yes, all our products are sent in discreet plain padded packaging, nobody will know the contents.

Q: How do you ship?

A: We use Royal Mail Air Mail international and this is sent from the United Kingdom.

Q: How long will my course take to reach me?

A: Shipping can take between 3/21 working days to reach you but most arrive within the first week and for United Kingdom customers please allow 1/5  working days.

Q: If i am not happy with the product can I send it back for a full refund?

A: Yes, you may send any unopened bottles back within six months of sale for a full face value refund.